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Death Wish

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I’ve always been writing — and there’s nothing novel about that — but in recent years I’ve found myself drawn to independent and self-publishing, despite everything I learned in my many years of writing classes. There is a hierarchy to publishing; some places garner more accolades than others, but as I’ve left these formal writing communities I’ve found that what matters most is the act of creating.

So, I made a zine.

death wish features prose and poetry I’ve written — some previously published, some previously published and heavily revised, and some new. Each piece of writing has something to do with death, but don’t fear if you aren’t into morbidity. It’s not that morbid.

white dresses (poem)
Corpse Pose (poem)
A Midnight Visitor (fiction)
Gatelocked (poem)
Lux (poem)
Blond Girls Dying (nonfiction)

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